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thinkerUseLibraryThis is a placeholder page for a community college course, taught at sporadic intervals.

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Week Eighteen & Beyond

Tuesday, May 20 • Final • End of Classes (Crafton Hills)

Come at 1:00 for our final culminating class.

I’ll have final grades up on Blackboard by this weekend, and I’ll upload them to the school’s server (and the Official Grade Place) on Monday morning.  Please check Blackboard and if you feel there is some error, let me know immediately.  Otherwise, I’ll go forward with the Monday morning deadline.

boyinwaderpoolHave a great summer!

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Welcome to English 152

Welcome to English 152, with Professor Eastmond.

Our required books are:
The Seagull Reader, edited by Joseph Kelly, 2nd edition.  ISBN: 9780393911510 (0-393-91151-9), paperback.  This is three paperback books in one cardboard sleeve.  It is required.

I have ordered a small handbook for you to buy if you do not have one.  It is titled The Little Seagull Handbook, and is by Richard Bullock and Francine Weinberg.  I like this one because it has four academic styles listed: MLA (required for our class), APA, Chicago and CSE.  ISBN: 9780393911510 (0-393-91151-9). It’s also cheap.

Another helpful handbook is Diana Hacker A Writer’s Resource.  If you have the Hacker handbook, you do NOT need to buy The Little Seagull Handbook, but note that we will be referring the the Little Seagull in class occasionally so it’s up to you to figure out where the info is in your Hacker.

The Literature Reader seems to be offered only as parts and not as a compilation; keep that in mind when you compare our bookstore’s price with what you find online.

Please get a dictionary, or know where to find one online.  I use <http://www.merriam-webster.com&gt;.

OnCanaansSideThe last book you need is our fiction novel, On Canaan’s Side, by Sebastian Barry (ISBN 9780143122180 or (0-14-312218-5)).  It’s available through our bookstore.

Class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2:50.  I usually give pop quizzes or other fun things at the beginning of class; you can only take them if you are there (no make-ups), so please learn to be on time–it’s a skill.

See you in class. You may only add if you are there on the first day.  I don’t add anyone who comes in after the first day.

This blog will update weekly.

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